Delicious options for a quick bite to eat.
You can enjoy the à la carte menu but at the bar.
Kitchen open all day long.

The Serantes Bar

Kitchen open all day

Potato omelette
Russian salad  
Assortment of croquettes  
Serantes rabas  
Acorn-fed ham and loin  
Mushrooms with foie  
Tempura vegetables  
Seafood Salpicon  
Fish soup  


Pan-fried clams  
White shrimp from Huelva  
Palamós red shrimp  
Tiger prawn  
Crab XL  
Pan-fried langoustines  
Baked spider crab  
Mussels with vinaigrette / sauce  


Gran Reserva Ham
Loin of loin 1/2  
Chorizo / salami 1/2  
Assortments of Iberian cured meats  


Mixed salad
Ventresca Salad  
Lobster Salad  
Seafood salad